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"Today was a home run! I almost fell off my chair (I had a hard time sitting still) with the speaker's comments."
- Steve Turner, President Flow Business Solutions

Join a small group led by the Brand Disciples team to explore what it means to become a Kingdom Outpost and live out the fullness of what God has called and gifted you to accomplish.

Don't do it alone

Join a 9-week group or a 12-month group where we encourage and challenge one another to become everything He has created us to be.

There is no cost for these groups which meet virtually. Complete the form to get the options.

Don't go it alone

Previous Roundtables

5 marks of a kingdom outpost

5 Marks of a Kingdom Outpost

How your business can advance the Gospel

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How God gives you a unique calling that touches your entire life and how you should respond

Wesley Rose

Storytelling to Bridge the Gap Between Faith and Business

A master storyteller, Wesley Rose, shared about how to integrate storytelling to bring your faith into your work.

Utibe Bassey

Kingdom KPIs

Hear incredible wisdom from Utibe Bassey as she explains her approach to Love as a KPI.

Waleed Zarou and the power of testimony

Power of Testimony

Hear from Steve Haynes (5 Presidential Administrations) and Waleed Zarou (Author and Entrepreneur).

treasure in a field

Unlocking Kingdom DNA

Hear from David Mills as he discusses the Biblical principles of unlocking Kingdom DNA in your business.

About Brand Disciples

God has given business the opportunity to become the point of the spear for advancing God's Kingdom. Brand Disciples helps business leaders unlock the Kingdom DNA in their business and create a plan that will help them get it done.

  • It's no surprise that Jesus, the greatest movement maker and institutional creator in human history has a unique plan for every business.

  • But it is easy to allow a secular culture to take us in another direction, and to dilute or simply miss His purposes for your business.

  • Understanding His unique plan for your business can create Kingdom influence beyond your personal witness, that transforms employees, customers and communities.

  • He has hidden a special Kingdom DNA in your business, but it needs to be unearthed.